Genre: Action, Crime, Fantasy
Director: Jesse Haaja
Writers: Jesse Haaja , Pekka Lehtosaari
Stars: Alina Tomnikov, Bianca Bradey, Sheila Shah
Country: Finland
Language: Finnish and English
Release Date: 22 September 2017 (Finland)
Runtime: 105 min
A pharmaceutical company is set up in a small Finish town Mikkeli, where they will be shipping vaccines to Africa. Top boss is worried as, an unknown saboteur spoils their last three shipments. Sohnemann Rotikka (Rami Rusinen) is assigned task to check on things and for the clean flow of supplies. A black figure known as “Rendel” (Kristofer Gummerus) does not want to stop his action and goes on his verge against the bad people. Rotikka assembles the team of killers to tackle Rendel. Rendel 2017 Full Free Movie Download in 1080p bluray prints from links added below.

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